The “Atlas Foam Roller” is a foam roller with both bearings and handles. It allows you to stretch, specifically target myo-fascial (in-between muscle-layers) tension knots, realign your convoluted muscle fibers, all with more precision and controlled force than standard foam rollers. The health benefits are: The Atlas Foam Roller can target specific muscle groups at unique angles with consistent force and effectiveness when compared to “traditional” foam rollers. Most users report a reduction in musculoskeletal recovery time pre/post workouts, including work related soreness/strain by more than 50% vs. standard foam rollers. The Atlas Foam Roller will effectively smooth, sooth and realign stiff muscle and stubborn fascia when relentless painful tension can’t be controlled through traditional Western methods. Users report a definite

improvement in posture and overall blood flow. The convenient rubber protected steel rod handles allow a user the ability to “pop” or “bust up” stubborn musculoskeletal tension at the level of the lower vertebral region. All is achieved with excellent control and rapid tension release. Interestingly, you are capable of experiencing a daily “muscle realignment” similar to that of chiropractic or deep tissue massage therapy. Finally, users report, core abdominal muscles are strengthened with ease of use at the expense of only 5- 10 minutes out their day; results are possible with every other day use! YOUR SPINE IS WORTH IT!
“My goal is to deliver a tool any individual can use to prevent, manage combat their musculoskeletal aches and pains! My passion is rooted in the philosophy that people can take charge of their own health as long as they have the right information and tools to do so. The Atlas Foam Roller is absolutely one of those tools an individual can trust, seek out and self-guarantee that a method will always be withing reach!”

Eliminate Back Pain While Building Your Core with a Foam Roller!

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