Focus On Stretching & Foam Rolling in 2018

Health benefits of foam rolling? ​ You have a in-home & in-office solution to your back pain or general muscle pain(s). Improved posture while maintaining best possible daily posture alignment. Dilates blood vessels  that increases overall circulatory health, keeps blood pressure down, brings more oxygen to damaged/inflamed muscle tissue. Prevent back pain from creeping up […]

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Atlas Stretch Therapy Featured In D Magazine!

So, what exactly is this “foam rolling” we speak of? A foam roller is a device made of—you guessed it—foam. They come in many shapes, sizes, and intensities and are typically used as a muscle relaxation technique in the health and fitness world. Foam rolling has proven beneficial to newbie fitness enthusiasts and professional athletes […]

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Easy Steps In Choosing The Best Foam Roller For You in 2018

Stop thinking about purchasing that $15 foam roller from WalMart or a foam roller that is less than $30. If you do not have a foam roller but have chronic back pain, shoulder pain, leg pain, hip pain, knee pain, neck pain or any other physically annoying musculoskeletal sensitivity or injury you are making it […]

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Yes Atlas Stretch Therapy Was Featured In The Observer!

The Dallas observer featured Atlas Stretch Therapy as an  effective alternative way to improve athletic performance. They agree that performance can be improved by using a foam roller combined with stretching. Both assist in recovery from a hard workout, back injury and much more. Stretch Therapy in Dallas is the best way to recover from back […]

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How The Foam Rolling Trend Is Catching On

The Atlas Foam Roller represents American ingenuity at its best. Its quality unique features, and ease of use make it by far one the best foam rollers in the market. So what is it? Well, a foam roller helps with something called self-myofascial release.  Basically, it’s self-massage for your muscles, to help with tension, knots and […]

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Your 2018 New Years Resolution Starts with Foam Rolling & Stretching

Why wouldn’t you consider a successful workout, yoga, pilates, crossfit, general fitness or any other wellness related goal could be a success without implementing the fundamentals? As a leading foam rolling and Stretch Therapy expert I have worked with hundreds of clients of all different fitness & wellness backgrounds. Some were athletes while others were […]

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The Best Time To Foam Roll & Why Foam Rolling Matters

Over the past year and a half my clients would commonly ask me many questions related to the health benefits & technical yet vague theories that are known or are currently being investigated related to the health benefits of foam rolling. As a burgeoning professional of self-myofasical release at those early stages I did not […]

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Why A Smooth Non-Textured Foam Roller Is Preferred

“We can all agree a smooth car ride is more enjoyable than a bumpy inconsistent trip to your favorite destination. Foam rolling should be an extremely enjoyable experience, that is why smooth instead of textured rollers are still #1.”  Mark Harman Throughout my journey to find the best foam rolling & back pain therapy equipment […]

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