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Stretch Therapy Dallas based therapy for back pain & injury recovery Dallas

Trigger Point Myofascial Massage & Stretch Therapy (Private)


  • Foam Rolling & Body Twist Instruction
  • Personalized Stretch Therapy Plan
  • Stretch Bar Instruction
  • Injury Recovery – InjuryIdentification
  • Stress Relief – Deep Breathing
  • Back Pain & Neck Pain Relief
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Product Description

We have developed a foam rolling class that is fun, challenging, effective and most importantly offers the Stretch Therapy Bar experience! Unlike all the other typical stretching & foam rolling classes that have been tried over the years Foam Rolling Fitness & Stretch Therapy was developed from the “Foam Rolling Fitness” 100’s of Class Pass members continue to enjoy.

Stretch Therapy combines the best of foam rolling, stretching and body twisting methods to achieve therapeutically driven muscle rehabilitative results in 55 min. Simply put, we knock out your back & body pain in 55 min. Most clients report “feeling refreshed,” “Awake,” and “feel taller.”

This class offers its clients access to the only patented handheld foam roller & Stretch Therapy Bar in the world; no class in the entire world has access the Stretch Therapy Bar!  Most importantly, what makes this class so unique is the unique Stretch Therapy protocol based methods that guides the use of the Atlas Stretch Therapy deep tissue muscle manipulating tools.

The beauty of “Foam Rolling & Stretch Therapy” is that each session is extremely unique. You never get the same expected experience twice! The 55-min session begins with every client stating their “muscle or joint complaint.” We address every single complaint in the 55-min session and prove it by taking before and after pictures. Soon we will take quantitative measurements! If an acute complaint, an unexpected complaint, appears as we flow through the session the entire class diverts to that individuals sudden “pain complaint.”

Stretch Therapy methods are unique. They are meant to be “extreme muscle & joint manipulation” in the group setting. Think of this class as a boot camp session that hyper-focuses on unique combination stretching and foam rolling.  Our inspiration has been draw from some of our very favorite injury recovery therapies such as physical therapy, chiropractic therapy, Pilates, yoga, reflexology and breathing techniques draw off the Chinese deeply controlled breathing & stress relief methods of Quigong.

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