In just a single session our clients have seen an increase in the distance they are able to “Stand-and-Reach” along with their “Sit-and-Reach” of approximately 1.5-2” inches in length/distance. What does that mean? It means that this class will instantly improve your overall flexibility and range-of-motion in a single session guaranteed; go to the Atlas Foam Roller “Client Testimonial” tab to see the before and after pictures that proves all of our claims.

We Have Built this Stretch THerapy program over the past 3.5 years. We started out at a simple apartment building and then expanded to Diesel Fitness in the West Village. Many of our moves and techniques are secret so we apologize that you will not be able to learn every single move on this website or YouTube channel. Instread you will just have to experience a Stretch Therapy session! 

Again, what does this class offer you that the other group fitness classes do not? First and foremost, they will address your pain compliant and attack it until you regain circulation, function and range of motion. They will teach you unique foam rolling skills so you can take that education home with you. Eventually you will be able to foam roll your muscles aches and pains that are built up from other strength training classes at home so that you can recover faster while circumventing injury/ Whether it is wall-foam rolling, reflexology training or the traditional “floor foam rolling” techniques, will improve your core strength, balance, endurance, flexibility and muscle coordination. Remember, the goal is to make sure you feel good throughout this class, including the dreaded 48-hour post-workout. This class is both fast and slow moving so that you get the full potential out of it. Foam Rollers, Knee pads, neck pads, wrist & ankle straps, yoga mats, lumbar pads and diffused essential oils are part of the experience that you can feel comfortable and breathe with ease. Give this class a try because all you have to lose is that annoying back pain like these amazing clients & members below! The evidence is mounting that Atlas Stretch Therapy works too well for everyone!

Group session begins by finding out where you have soreness, tightness or whether you have a muscle injury. We then begin by combining the best techniques in foam rolling & low impact static/dynamic stretch. The combination of foam rolling and stretching will eliminate alleviate your “tightness complaint” so you can achieve your full fitness potential in all the other fitness related and non-fitness related activities you enjoy. And why does that benefit you? This “Foam Rolling Fitness and Stretch Training” class is known as an exciting new way to stretch or even think about low impact stretching. If you are a part of CLASS PASS follow the link CLASS PASS PROFILE! 



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