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Why Self-Massage Foam Rollers Are The Best Gift To Give In 2017

Today was just a normal day until I lazily picked up that heavy awkward thing and now I have pain that radiates down my neck and back. What now? It couldn’t have been a more inconvenient time for this inflammation to swell up. I have a lot to do but I can only focus on the discomfort. What steps will I take take next? Sound familiar?

Musculoskeletal inflammation is unexpected & it is always inconvenient. Many times it limits our ability to enjoy every day activities.  How can pain be controlled? Can it be cured? Many times we ignore our chronic pain until it becomes intolerable. Can the intensity of that chronic musculoskeletal pain be managed naturally? How can we find fast reliable relief from musculoskeletal flare-ups? You know, the flare-ups that originated from a past accident. We need an effective method of attack so we can get back to work, our exercise routine, getting a good night sleep, getting up out of our beds without neck or back pain, painlessly holding our little ones, getting dressed without pain or most importantly not fearing the next flare up! The answer is as simple as saying the phrase “stretching & self-massage brings relief.”

Studies show that a massage is the perfect gift for everyone. Instead of a massage gift certificate, stuff those stockings with high quality full-body battery-less massage tools as a gift that keeps giving daily ecofriendly massages. Foam Rollers have proven their worth over the years as a legitimate tool to fight pain. In fact, empirical evidence shows them to be the most appreciated gift in 2016. Don’t wait until the last day to find the perfect birthday & holiday gift. Christmas, Hanukkah and all the other special holiday celebrations, including birthdays, are just around the corner.

My guess is, like me, you have been busy this year. You might be on a limited schedule so your only option is defaulting to the internet for all holiday shopping needs. Don’t worry, I will suggest not only the best gift but the exact gift they want. These gift ideas will be their absolute favorite because secretly they have been wanting a high quality self-massage tool because their tired achy hard working muscles need it; additionally, with zero additional costs, upon request I will even store & wrap the gift myself so you don’t have to! I have made this process so easy for you!

Searching for the perfect gift can be time consuming. It involves driving to multiple packed stores, waiting in long lines for an open register, actually transporting the gift, wrapping the gift and even storing the gift someplace where they will not find it. All together it is an extremely tiring & time consuming process.  As a maker and a user of my own massage tools I promise that giving a massage tool is not only a safe gift but a gift that makes people extremely happy. It is not just a gift but a way to really connect with your friend, family or loved ones. My massage tools have been a hit as Christmas & birthday gifts over the past 2 years to friends and family. My girlfriend’s mother was the first to receive a foam roller for her birthday a couple years back. Since that was a success I decided to give all my immediate family members of 6 foam rollers for Christmas. Fortunately, they were not upset & still use their foam rollers to this day. Albeit, most of them have Atlas Foam Rollers and other massage tools that I currently make and sell.

All of my rollers are hand crafted here in Dallas, Tx. None of my foam rollers or material that makes up my line of foam rollers are made anywhere other than the USA! Actually, the foam is manufactured out of California. Each roller is unique to the self-massage therapy market. My promise is that your purchased gift will be extremely unique as a holiday gift idea. Stocking Stuffer gifts for her and him! Stock those stockings with a gift that literally keeps giving over & over & over again throughout a lifetime. Nothing says I care about you more than a massage roller or massage half foam roller for pain they are always complaining about. Giving the gift of unanticipated or chronic musculoskeletal pain relief tells that person you really care about their happiness.


Stocking Stuffer Idea #1:

the smallest foam roller

The Tiny Roller is amazing for those hard to reach areas like foot fascia pain, wrist/forearm pain or calf pain. I mostly use it for my calves and feet. I have been cursed with plantar fascitis. Honestly, I use the roller when my wrist tighten up from typing all the time. I do not suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome but I have been told it works for that too!

The Tiny Roller can easily be carried around in a purse, jacket pocket, book bag, back pocket, some men’s pants pocket, briefcase or any other place you can find.

This roller has a 1-year warranty but common, the roller is so durable that it will literally last your lifetime.

If he or she does not like it send it back or exchange it for something they are interested in.

Stocking Stuffer Idea #2:

best half foam roller atlas pad for lumbar support, back pain, neck support and neck pain
The Atlas Pad is a gift that is simple yet has so many uses and applications in everyday life. I find myself using it not only in the gym for stretching & lumbar support but also while performing crunches. I also use it as a knee pad! my chronic neck pain is intolerable so of course I find relief from using this tool. How do I release that annoying neck tension? I twist my head from the right to the left in a circular motion until I get all that stubborn “bumps/adhesions” broken up or released. It is so easy & extremely effective.

You can use this half-roller as a knee pad for stretching, washing the floor, cleaning the tub, working on the car, kneeling to pray, kneeling to change a tire, kneeling to find that leak under the sink or any other way you find works. Kneeling on the floor will damage your knees over time. Why would you damage your knees by simply not having any support whatsoever? True story:  I use my Atlas Pad in the Ambulance as I start IV’s for patient care. Over the years I have damaged my knees by kneeling on the hard surface in the ER and in the Ambulance just to start an IV. Also, I use the Atlas Pad as I clean the bathroom floor plus the tub.

The half foam roller can be used a posture supporting tool while you are typing away at the computer, lying in the hot bubble bath or use it as a posture supporting device while driving. I use it in all the aforementioned ways.

Stocking Stuffer Idea #3:

the highest quality muscle roller stick

This muscle roller is pretty sweet, high quality and extremely effective! It is even endorsed by two practicing doctors of chiropractic medicine & many more trainers, coaches and athletes have purchased this amazing roller. The way in which this roller is effective for me is for my chronic neck pain from lift injuries as a paramedic. Recently I was thrown off my bike as I rode my road bike to an event in the city of Dallas. My body was thrust upward, summersaulting over the handle bars, whereby I landed on my right side after friction was finished with me. My neck muscles were completely herniated in all different directions. The muscle pique stick roller saved me from having to go to the doctor for pain pills and muscle relaxers.

This foam roller can easily be carried inside your school or work bag, carried onto a flight in carry-on luggage or it can even fit in some briefcases. It is lightweight and extremely easy to clean & handle. It effortlessly digs into those really hard to release sore spots, breaking up the knotted tension, so you can quickly recover from soreness to acute/chronic injury.

This roller can be used on the calves, shins, neck, IT-band, quads, traps, hips, top of the feet, as a foot roller and on the internal thighs. My two favorite area to roll out are the neck muscles and my sore quads. The small Tiny Roller can be used in combination with the Atlas Foam Roller too! Everyone has been experiencing extreme results such as this clients simple testimonial:

“I touched my toes for the first time in my life!

I have never touched my toes in 36 years until this class!

I  could not believe it!” – Client/Customer

If you heard friends or family say “I will get around to fixing it” STOP THEM RIGHT THERE! How many times have you heard them say said that to themselves? Does the pain and immobility increasingly become worse over time? The solution is not a poorly performed surgery that comes with high expectation but low evidence of long term results. Don’t wait for that foot surgery, spinal fusion, knee replacement, hip replacement, shoulder surgery or wrist/hand surgery before the realization sets in that “preventative works far better” than an overpriced & overhyped surgery. As a 10-year veteran paramedic and business owner I have talked to so many clients & patients that regret not taking the time to take care of their body. Through simple stretching and effective self-massaging myofascial release methods the body will learn how to heal when pain or inflammation flare up; the body wants to heal but you have to teach it to do so. Their biggest regret was getting the surgery because it flat out did not work in the long term. The surgery further limited their mobility causing them to take more pain medication that resulted in more sides effects, masked pain sensation further limiting their understanding of their body, staunching their bodies ability to heal, leading towards a world with fewer and fewer solution to their mobility related problem until they reach the stage of immobility. Let’s get excited about stretching and self-massage because these tools and methods work!

Thanks for reading.  you can go to my YOUTUBE Channel for updated foam rolling and stretching techniques, and don’t forget to Subscribe! To purchase these high quality therapy rollers and equipment that are proven effective through my Stretch Therapy Classes visit my shop HERE!

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